A Wonderful Bouquet of Awards

Unfortunately, I have not ‘brain enough’ to do what has to be done, but it would not be fair to ignore it.

I’d like to thank seabluedreaming for this. I really appreciate it! Very talented and creative person with a very interesting writing. Below, one of his posts that I like so much.

I Endure

I endure the darkness of winter and the east winds and the snow.
I endure being a prisoner of time.
I endure getting up for work before dawn.
I endure crowded streets and trains.
I endure working in a job that I don’t like.
I endure being tired every day.
I endure processed food.
I endure coming home late – tired.
I endure pain.
I endure time.
I endure and endure for all this means nothing to me.
The past was yesterday. I see the end and know there is no escape. There is nothing in my heart. There is nothing in my head.
I endure.
That’s how I live. That’s how I suffer – patiently.
I endure that happiness will not last.
I endure that there is no escape from suffering.
I endure ignorance and a world that’s stripped of its brilliance – left with little substance.
I endure a world ruled by greed and these words of creed.
I endure the wolf in sheep’s clothing – preaching and stopping souls from searching.
I endure a world of madness that leaves a trail of sadness.
There is a war going on in my head; the world has gone mad.
I endure mass manipulation.
I endure the worship of idols on an endless intrusive filmstrip.
There is nothing in my eyes; for all this means nothing to me.
I endure illusions bringing confusion.
I endure meaningless action for the purpose of distraction.
I endure man’s corruption and freedom’s dysfunction.
I endure aggression and oppression.
I endure equality in uniforms – boxed in.
I endure love that never last and a painful past.
I endure and endure and that’s how they labeled me insane.
How I can love, I do not ask. All dreams I ever had gone burst too fast. I once was blind, but now I see us all dance to the sounds of war like never before. Empty eyes in the mirror tell me that I can’t allow myself to feel happiness. My hands reached out for no good, I am unable to relieve myself from this position.

From: A Wonderful Bouquet of Awards.


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