Chapter 2015 – Act 12, Page 12

I need practice my English, writing and have conversations with someone who speaks so well. I’m lost my British accent and have a poor experience with the language in the last years. Today I was watch the movie “Into the Woods”, without subtitles, and have a little difficult to understand the conversation and the songs. 

Going to college I watch the people in the underground, everybody looks for something, for someone. And for what I’m looking? I don’t know. That all I know is the Dee is into my mind, my handsome and enchanted prince have all my think. We past 4 days together, laughing, loving, accomplished one with other. Dee’s my best love. Yes, I’m loving. 

Today I’ll return to my French class. And I need practice more too, writing and have a good conversation, maybe I have to call to my friends of French. Yeah, it was a great idea. 

OMG, the train smelling so worst. Someone here smelling very bad. Please, arrives as soon as possible in Santana. The train arrives in Santana station, the most happiest moment in my day. 

The songs of Into the Woods is in my mind, “I wish …”. Ok, when I arrive at home I will play this movie when I prepare the dinner. I still thinking in vegetarian pancakes and beans. I love beans. OMG I need buy beans to make Acarajé for Oxum, for this I have to find Fradinhi beans or instantly prepare to Acarajé. I have no idea where I can find it in Santana.